Feel the seasons change in a setting that is uniquely green.

Live, grow and flourish. Connect on another level. Build a genuine and vibrant modern life in a beautifully smart sanctuary designed to help you switch on, and switch off, using the balance of nature.

Come home to lush gardens, and the canopies of long-standing trees arching overhead.

Our one, two and three bedroom apartments are designed for living a perfectly balanced modern life.

A building designed to reflect it’s natural surrounds

Award-winning teams of architects, landscape architects and interior designers have collaborated to create what is a series of beautiful home spaces that benefit from the uniquely natural setting that is Natura.

Spaces for both communal experiences and personal reflection.

Ground floor spaces have been thoughtfully designed as places for gathering and socialisation. As we ascend the building, activity becomes slower, as a series of calm meditative places created for personal reflection eventually lead to the private spaces we each call home.

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